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Buzzwordy: You Should Be Happy To Have Your CEO Back!

Buzzwordy: You Should Be Happy To Have Your CEO Back!: "Image by jurvetson via Flickr Day Fifty Nine, Asaf did a stellar job on introducing his company - he was meticulous in every way and Buzz..."

You Should Be Happy To Have Your CEO Back!

Do you know the way to Santa Fe?Image by jurvetson via Flickr
Day Fifty Nine,

Asaf did a stellar job on introducing his company - he was meticulous in every way and Buzzwordy was deeply impressed.

"Excuse me Asaf, will it be possible for me to get a tour of your company?  I would like to meet your designers, look at their work, and discuss with them on a few new design ideas." requested the marketing whiz kid.

"Sure Mr. Buzzwordy!  My plan is to have you do the facility tour tomorrow.  I want to focus on the ZupEXT(TM) IP discussions today if you don't mind." responded Asaf.

"Thanks Asaf.  This will be fine." nodded Buzzwordy.

Since neither Bif nor Xavia had ever discussed the ZupEXT IP with him, he was unsure how to aggressively drive the discussions with Asaf.  He knew that he had to be shrewd, harsh, and persistent when negotiating with anyone from this part of the world.  What was missing was his lack of depth regarding this mythical IP from Intelli!

"So Mr. Buzzwordy, are you ready to discuss the IP issue?" prodded Asaf while clearing his throat.

"Absolutely!" concurred the marketing whiz kid.

"Very well, I would like to direct your attention to several important areas.  If you and I can successfully resolve our differences in these areas before you leave for the U.S., I will consider your visit a big success.  Do you agree with my assessment?" stated Asaf.

"Absolutely!" nodded Buzzwordy.

"These areas are - licensing cost and royalty payment, usage right, and support cost.  I trust that you have the same topics on your mind as well.  Do we share the same understanding Mr. Buzzwordy?" asked Asaf.

"Absolutely!" acknowledged Buzzwordy.

Asaf gave Buzzwordy an interesting look, grinned subtly, and leaned his entire body over the cherry wood table.

"Mr. Buzzwordy, what about the upfront payment, derivative right, and cross-licensing arrangement?" inquired Asaf somewhat sarcastically.

"Absolutely, whatever you would like to discuss will be fine with me!" replied the marketing whiz kid.

"Really, so lets get started Mr. Buzzwordy!" nodded Asaf with an approving smile.

Buzzwordy knew that Asaf was setting him up to fail.  The lanky man would continue to throw in micro and peripheral topics as he nibbles away during the negotiation.  He just had to improvise so that he could get an upper hand on the situation.

"When Bif and I discussed a while back, he agreed to an upfront payment of US$2M upon the receipt of the first set of design documents.  I am sure that your engineers already have the opportunity to review all the design files concerning our ZupEXT IP, right?" asked Asaf.

"Well, be honest with you Asaf, I'm not aware of who the design lead is inside my company, do you have a name?" replied Buzzwordy.

"Mr. Buzzwordy, I don't think this is relevant.  I deal with your CEO so why do I care who his under link is!" challenged the lanky man.

Asaf's reply was poignantly intelligent and rendered Buzzwordy speechless for a while.  He felt his heart started to throb faster and faster, and he began to conjure up images of him dashing through the gates inside of the Toronto International Airport Terminal.

Suddenly, Buzzwordy remembered that Bif just had a stroke and this would be his alibi for everything that he didn't know.

"Are you still with me Mr. Buzzwordy?" asked Asaf.

"Yes Asaf, I forgot to mention to you that Bif is in a coma at this moment.  He had a stroke!" responded the marketing whiz kid.

"I am aware of his condition.  Anyway, he sounded just fine when I spoke to him earlier this morning." informed the lanky man.

"He recovered?" questioned the unsettling Buzzwordy.

"Confirmed!  You should be happy to have your CEO back." grinned Asaf.

The images of him dashing around in circles and chanting "The Last Dashing Hope" began to play tricks in his cranium.

I will be back on Day Sixty.


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